How to Gain the Confidence to Speak Up More – 5 simple steps

confidence to speak up in meetings

I used to get very frustrated in meetings because I had lots of ideas–good ideas–but nobody was interested to hear them. Maybe it was because I didn’t have enough authority. Or expertise. Perhaps it was because of my limited experience. Or worse. Maybe they knew I was really a fraud. That I didn’t know what I was doing and that it was just dumb luck that got me here in the first place. They are all experienced professionals and I am just barely scraping by. Of course, that’s not really true. But that is how it feels. Because it can … Read more

This Simple Truth Will Change The Way You Write

Simple writing is effective. That’s the truth. Ernest Hemingway wrote “The Old Man And The Sea” at a 4th grade level. Then he won a Nobel prize with it the next year. Simple writing makes it easy for readers to follow along. Which helps them to easily take in your message. And that’s what you want. Your goal is not to impress them with your writing. You goal is for them to hear your ideas. Once they take in your ideas, you can earn their confidence. Maybe even their trust. And then you can win their support. That support will … Read more

The Biggest Problem With Poor Communications, And How You Can Fix It

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I went from being stressed out by poor communicators to someone who is adept at getting the information needed to get my work done. You can too. I’ll tell you how it works so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way like I did. You might have some stress at work caused by poor communicators right now. Time pressure Unclear responsibilities A lack of strong leadership Negativity Low morale Uncertainty Issues like these can pile up and feed on one another. They make your work more difficult and less fun. But there is hope. While you might … Read more

Effective Listening is More Important Than Talking | 6 Secrets You Need to Know

Effective Listening is More Important Than Talking

Effective listening is more important than talking if you want to be truly influential when you communicate. If you want your talking to be more powerful, the absolute best place to start is with listening. Effective listening. Think for a moment about what happens when you don’t listen well. When your listening is not effective, you are hearing things but you are also missing important signals. And that makes your talking less effective. You may have experienced when something you thought would resonate doesn’t. Or when it outright backfires. When your listening is not effective, you end up missing important … Read more

Make People Like You at Work | 8 Simple Steps

make people like you at work

You can be liked more at work. And while that may sound a little trite, it can be useful. Because if you are liked more, you can get more done. You can become more influential. And you can become more effective. The thing is, focusing on being liked isn’t really the right way to look at it. It’s important to be liked for the right reasons. You can be affable or funny or attractive and be liked. That doesn’t necessary mean you will be more influential or respected. But there are some things you can do that are simple, effective, … Read more

How to Become Less Overcommitted at Work

how to become less overcommitted at work

You are probably wondering how to become less overcommitted at work. So why do you seem to default to agreeing to more? Many of us keep falling into that same trap. After all, it seems like most organizations these days are running thin, trying to “do more with less.” With that sort of frenzy going on constantly, it can be hard to stem the tide as the requests keep rolling in. With every yes, you risk taking on too much. Letting the quality of your work suffer. Missing deadlines. That can lead to problems. And, of course, it can hurt … Read more

The Trick to Managing Expectations Well

Everything became much easier once I learned a simple secret to managing expectations. I was able to shed a lot of anxiety and stress. I was able to more skillfully juggle competing priorities. Which was a great relief. Because there is a lot of anxiety and stress that comes with staving off angry or disappointed people who need something from you. It seems like work is crazier these days. We seem to be in an era where “doing more with less” has settled in as the norm. But this hasn’t changed anyone’s expectations. And everyone seems to want their thing … Read more

7 Ways to Deal With a Poor Communicator

7 ways to deal with a poor communicator

Do you have to deal with a poor communicator at work? You might have someone who always seems to forget to mention things to you. Maybe you deal with some people who are trying to convey an idea but do it poorly. Perhaps you have to figure out the difference between what someone says and what they mean. You probably have to deal with issues like this at some point in your work. Maybe more often than you would like. This kind of thing makes me nuts. It’s time wasting. Energy draining. And not at all productive. Which is why … Read more

How To Use Your Personal Brand to Grow Your Career

When people mention your name, what value proposition comes to mind? Does your name act like a “brand” for you? Think about some well-known business names: Warby Parker. McDonalds. GoPro. Soul Cycle. Target. Tesla. The value that comes to mind is clear and easy to understand. You know right away what it’s all about, and whether you’re interested or not. Imagine having that kind of clarity in people’s minds when they think about you. That’s your personal brand. And it works for employees as well as entrepreneurs. Because, maybe your name isn’t going to flash up on a billboard sign, … Read more