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Make People Like You at Work | 8 Simple Steps

make people like you at work

You can be liked more at work. And while that may sound a little trite, it can be useful. Because if you are liked more, you can get more done. You can become more influential. And you can become more effective. The thing is, focusing on being liked isn’t really the right way to look at it. It’s important to be liked for the right reasons. You can be affable or funny or attractive and be liked. That doesn’t necessary…

How to Get Out of a Career Rut

How to Get Out of a Career Rut

Isn’t it funny how wearing in a path on a career you enjoy puts you in groove, but wallowing in one that you don’t enjoy gets you stuck in a rut? Too many of us get stuck in that rut. You might feel like there just isn’t enough opportunity. Not for you, anyway. You might feel like nobody will give you a chance. A chance to let you really shine. Maybe you feel like your ship has simply sailed. It’s…

Get Faster Results By Slowing Down

Get Faster Results By Slowing Down

Speeding up is not always the best way to go faster. Which is a little counter-intuitive. Because when you have more work to do, then you should do more work. Right? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Today’s work is often more complex and nuanced than we like to admit. We probably think that we have a goal, a strategy, and a clear plan of execution for whatever project we’re frantically working on. But maybe we don’t…

Leaders are Readers | April Reading List

Reading List

There might be no cheaper, easier, and more efficient method to gain new insights, absorb new ideas, and to push the boundaries of our own understanding than reading. It’s important to take in new ideas. And also to do some deep thinking with the help of long-form content. That’s why books are so great. In whatever form you might like–paper, electronic, or even audio book format. I try to read as much as possible, and I always find it worthwhile….

The Trick to Tackling Work You Dread

work you dread

You might dread certain types of work sometimes. Maybe it’s an assignment you were hoping to avoid. Or an issue you don’t feel like tackling. Certainly there is work that you know you must do, but you just aren’t looking forward to it. In all these cases, you are probably making it a whole lot worse for yourself. Because you are playing defense rather than offense. The secret to doing work we don’t enjoy is to attack the problem. By…

How to Achieve Goals: 4 Steps to Success

how to achieve goals

Learning how to achieve goals changes everything. There is one huge difference between people who reach their goals regularly and those who struggle just to keep their heads above water. In a word, focus. Focus beats scattershot every time. We know this, yet many of us find it difficult to stay on track. There are many things beyond our control that work against us. Maybe a client suddenly shifts gears on a project. Or your boss calls a mandatory meeting…

Lead with Emotional Intelligence | The Zooming Perspective Secret!

lead with emotional intelligence

To be a great leader, you must lead with emotional intelligence. Because leaders lead people, not projects or initiatives or “change” or innovation or any other word that is not people. One of the most effective ways to manage the emotions of everyone involved–including yourself–is to know how to shift perspective when things are going well and when they are not. Good leaders know how to leverage positive energy into action and results. They also know how to minimize bad…

How to Stay Motivated at Work | A Simple Reframing Technique

How to stay motivated at work

If you knew more about how to stay motivated at work, would it help you to do a better job? You might want to do a good work on an assignment. You might have the skills to do the work. But if you’re feeling “blah” about it, it probably isn’t going to go as well as it could. That’s where motivation can help. But motivation doesn’t grow on trees. Somebody has to give it to you. Maybe your boss gives…

Improve Work Performance in 2 Simple Steps

improve work performance

What if you could easily improve work performance, becoming more effective while also feeling less stressed out? You know, the kind of calm, confidence, and clarity that comes from really having your act together. That sense of stability that comes from being “large and in-charge” of your area of responsibility, even if it looks like rough sailing ahead. And isn’t that the funny part? Even if you know that the path you’re going down might be treacherous in many expected…

How to Accomplish More and Be Busy Less

accomplish more

Here’s how you can accomplish more at work–and be less busy. Consider how we look at top performers in any field. Lindsey Vonn may very well win another Olympic gold medal. And if she does, we’ll want to know more about her backstory, her training program, what she eats for breakfast, and more. All of which is a distraction that takes us away from the most important lesson, which is that you get results when you focus on results. We’ll…