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The Secret to Holding Constructive Conversations with Employees

The joy of being a manager lies in the insidious nature of the job. You are faced with a dynamic range of interpersonal, personal, and group issues to resolve. And you thought it was about managing the work! What we all learn, sooner or later, that being a manger is all about people. Just like an expert poker player, you need to play the table. The cards, not so much. But just to make it more fun, we’ll give you…

What To Do When You’re Stuck In a Job With No Progression

Here’s what to do when you get stuck in a job with no progression. Quitting might seem obvious. But it’s probably not the right choice. Not until you have changed your approach to career development, anyway. If your job does not offer the kind of growth you need to build a successful career… If you are not being challenged… If you are not growing…. It’s probably time for you to change your approach. Because you are going to have to…

Leaders are Readers | July Reading List

Leaders are readers book recommendations

Here are three great books to read about timing (which really is everything), personal branding (which is also everything), and the secret to long-term success (also everything, kind of most of all). You want new ideas. Good ideas. Things to ponder. And specifics to back it all up. Well, that’s exactly what you are going to get from this group of book recommendations. Two of these books are hot off the press and one is a classic (which I now…

Learn How to Get More Done with Baby Steps

Learn How to Get More Done with Baby Steps

Baby steps solve more problems than you might think. Even small ones. A baby-step approach to cliff diving probably seems obvious. You wouldn’t start out by diving off of a 100-foot ledge. But have you ever thought about baby-stepping more things at work? Sure, that big project must be broken down into smaller milestones. Annual goals must be worked on consistently over time. And earning a promotion doesn’t happen after one task. But what about simple things like writing an…

What You’re Missing in Your Battle with Procrastination

Procrastination Tip

Sometimes I feel like the President of Procrasti Nation. I’m not on task. And sometimes I’m pretty far afield. I’ve wandered off course and it seems like there just ain’t no way back. But I’ve got to get back on track. I’ve got to overcome whatever the mental/emotional hurdle is and do some important work. Like, for example, right now I really want to watch Nathan Fielder’s “informational video” on how the Emmy’s could be hacked. Because I’m a big…

The Easiest Ways to Reduce Stress and Build Confidence

reduce stress gain confidence

Imagine arriving at your moment of truth with less nerves and more confidence. That might seem a little unrealistic. After all, being a bundle of nerves is how you know that your moment of truth has arrived. Whether it’s a big presentation, a job interview, delivering a report, or speaking up in a meeting, it feels like a big moment because you feel nervous. The problem is, those nerves can easily turn into a lack of confidence. Soon, you can…

Where to Put Your Effort

Where to Put Your Effort

Are you working too hard or not hard enough? In many cases, it’s hard to tell. Because we confuse work with worry and we put energy into the wrong things at the wrong time. It can be quite confusing. And very frustrating. You might be determined to do a great job. And you might be worried about what others will think–how you will be evaluated. Probably you want to do well on both of those fronts. That’s a good plan,…

A Great DIY Hack to Engagement at Work

A Great DIY Hack to Engagement at Work

Imagine spending your day energized, excited, and optimistic about what you were doing. Wouldn’t that be a nice way to go through the workday? It might be so nice for you, in fact, that other people in your life would probably notice a little extra spring in your step, expressions of enjoyment on your face, and a pleasant tone in your voice. You might be thinking that this sounds good–and also unlikely. After all, you will need to somehow find…

Make People Like You at Work | 8 Simple Steps

make people like you at work

You can be liked more at work. And while that may sound a little trite, it can be useful. Because if you are liked more, you can get more done. You can become more influential. And you can become more effective. The thing is, focusing on being liked isn’t really the right way to look at it. It’s important to be liked for the right reasons. You can be affable or funny or attractive and be liked. That doesn’t necessary…

How to Get Out of a Career Rut

How to Get Out of a Career Rut

Isn’t it funny how wearing in a path on a career you enjoy puts you in groove, but wallowing in one that you don’t enjoy gets you stuck in a rut? Too many of us get stuck in that rut. You might feel like there just isn’t enough opportunity. Not for you, anyway. You might feel like nobody will give you a chance. A chance to let you really shine. Maybe you feel like your ship has simply sailed. It’s…