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The Tremendous Value of The Long Form

the value of the long form

Consider the difference between Edward Norton appearing on a late night talk show for 6 minutes to his podcast interview with Tim Ferriss that went on for 2 hours. One gives you a flavor about some snippet of his work and personality. The other gives you a deep dive into one of his most ambitious projects, a sense of the wide range of his accomplishments, and a clearer picture of his creativity and business savvy. In the full story of…

Time Alone is Essential to Great Teamwork

Strong Individuals Make Strong Teams

Paul McCartney and John Lennon were a great songwriting team. Their time together produced magic—but only because of the important work each did alone. One of them would create an idea or even an entire song before bringing it to the other, allowing the best of individuality and togetherness to shine through in the final product. I saw how time alone can make time together work better when I was teaching a marketing class at Bentley University. The same few…

How to Easily Build Powerful Time Management Habits for Your Team

How to Easily Build Powerful Time Management Habits for Your Team

It took me a while to learn that good time management isn’t about cramming tasks into my day–it’s about applying high quality time to my most important work. And that the best way to make this happen is with small habits. Habits make it easy to tackle routine work consistently. They also enhance the quality of my non-routine work. And they help me make the best use of a team’s time. Habits are powerful, but also a little tricky. Good…

Make a Great Plan in 4 Steps

If there is one thing I have learned from leading teams, it’s that the small insights carry the most power. And the best way to get those insights is through good old fashioned planning. Planning is the machine that converts ambiguity into action and action into success. No matter the undertaking, teams I lead have success in proportion to the quality of our planning. There are only a few simple steps to follow that always work, provided I trust my…

Leading Through Uncertainty

Your team, your boss, and a bunch of other people need you now more than ever. Because you have responsibility, knowledge, and insights that can be converted into decisions, directions, and support. These things are important all the time, and especially in uncertain times. And we have not seen times this uncertain in a long while, perhaps ever. The Coronavirus pandemic is a rapidly emerging worldwide shock to the system. That shock will ripple out for weeks and months to…

The Easiest Way to Overcome the Most Common Obstacles at Work

Your chances for greater career success increase dramatically as you build skills, knowledge, and experience. That is why you feel the urge to advance in your current job. Because that sort of progress will inevitably lead to a better future for you. As you become a super star at work, you become more valuable to the company you work for now. But you also become more valuable to the marketplace in the future. Your success gives you a better story…

Build Your Success With an Attitude of Gratitude and Acknowledgement

What would happen if you paused to take a look at some things that you and your team are doing well? Most of us are in the habit of focusing on weaknesses rather than strengths. It’s easier to beat ourselves up for all the things still on our to-do lists than it is to celebrate the things we have completed. It is human nature to dwell on the project that did not go well or to keep replaying in our…

How to Save Yourself from Burnout

Working hard or working long hours isn’t the main or only factor that leads to burnout. A better question to ask is, are you exhausted? Are you emotionally drained? Are you growing increasingly cynical? Are you feeling a bit depressed? These are signs of burnout. If your physical tiredness, mental depletion, and emotional fatigue are impacting your work, it’s time to look at your situation more closely. Maybe you just need a break. Or maybe you need a break-up–a new…

How to Leverage Your Time to Become a Better Leader

Wouldn’t it be great to do more work in less time, all the while feeling less stressed out? Well, you can. All it takes is a little leverage. Let me explain. Leverage is that thing that lets you do more than you should be able to do. You can’t move that big rock in your backyard. It’s too heavy. Then, miraculously, you rig up a lever and it moves easily. With a relatively small force, you can move a very…

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