A Better Response

contemplateWe can see more, if we’re patient. Resisting the urge to react and respond immediately to everything often leads to better results.

A little patience can draw in more information. A little patience can allow for greater reflection. A little patience can help to formulate a better plan.

The term “knee-jerk reaction” has a negative connotation. Yet, we’re often aspiring to just that at nearly every turn. To react without much thought. To engage without much reflection. To dismiss an item as quickly as it appeared. That can be fun, but it’s rarely productive. And sometimes it’s harmful.

Inserting a little delay opens up a world of possibilities. Giving yourself some time to actively gather data, opinions, and to conduct further research provides more fodder for reflection and analysis and ideation. And from that can emerge a much better response.

Photo credit: Mr. Gunn