Tired of feeling overwhelmed?

Tom Catalini
Tom Catalini

Hi, I’m Tom and my goal is for you to have MORE personal and professional success while feeling LESS stress.

As a busy professional with a big family who is also engaged in a variety of community interests, I often feel like there is a lot to juggle. But my simple systems and approaches have allowed me to get it all done without going crazy, and I’d love to share these with you.

Wouldn’t you like to become a better leader of yourself and others, a better manager of teams and projects, and a calmer and more balanced professional?

Maybe you have too much on your plate at work and it’s difficult to prioritize. Or maybe it’s tough to manage or motivate people sometimes. It could be that the stress is coming at you from all different directions.

My leadership journey has taken me from tiny startups to the Fortune 500, from high-pressure high finance to scrappy and struggling nonprofits—and everywhere in between. Along the way I’ve worked as a consultant, project manager, department head, executive, and business owner. So much variety, yet so many lessons hitting the same themes.

That’s where I can help YOU.

Two principles will be our foundation

First, the realization that simply working harder is not the answer. It used to seem obvious and honorable to make endless personal sacrifices to get more done. But that is simply an ill-informed old-school notion that doesn’t work in the long run. Grinding it out doesn’t work. Working smarter does. 

Second, and even more importantly, a more balanced life is not just helpful—it’s essential to reaching your full potential. Not only is being happier just as important as being successful, being happier and more balanced actually leads to greater levels of success.

Work Smarter. Stress Less.

Together, these pursuits have helped me to accomplish things I thought were impossible. 

They can help you too.

What this website is all about

The mission here at WorkSmaterStressLess.com is pretty simple—to help you streamline your approach to professional success.

You need practical solutions to the many challenges faced in today’s world of work—from team leadership and organizational dynamics to self-discipline and work-life balance.

Things are moving faster, growing more complex, and more is demanded of you. It’s time to strike back with timely, proven solutions.

Grow your career and achieve more without driving yourself nuts. Work smarter, stress less. 

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