Tom Catalini
Tom Catalini

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m the author of Career Leap Year and I’m constantly trying to find better ways to work and live.

Just like you, I work hard to juggle all of the challenges of modern life:

  • Holding down a full-time job,
  • raising a family,
  • engaging in community,
  • spending time with family,
  • connecting with friends, and
  • pursuing a few hobbies and interests.

All worthwhile. Together, a little overwhelming.

My mission here at Work Smarter Stress Less is to help you to achieve new levels of success and satisfaction through small changes that make a big difference.

You should be able to be a superstar at work and also be happy in life.

work hard be happyI believe that there is always a better way that we can do things, if we are open to new ideas and trying new approaches.

When my work had become drudgery, I kept getting busier but it felt like progress was somehow slowing down:

  • My career wasn’t advancing…
  • My health was declining…
  • My personal life was suffering…

Finally one day I got fed up and I filled my journal with all of my frustrations.

I laid it all out in excruciating detail…

And then I challenged myself to do something about it.

Then, I brainstormed lots of ideas, developed plans, and took action. Which is the best way to learn.

As a result, I’ve come to some important realizations.

First, I’ve realized that simply working harder is not the answer.

It used to seem obvious and honorable to make endless personal sacrifices to get more done. But I now see that as an ill-informed old-school notion that doesn’t work in the long run.

chill outGrinding it out doesn’t work. Working smarter does.

Second, and even more importantly, I’ve realized that a more balanced life is not just helpful–it’s essential to reaching your full potential.

Not only is being happier just as important as being successful, being happier and more balanced actually leads to greater levels of success.

Work Smarter. Stress Less.

Together, these pursuits have helped me to accomplish things I had once thought were impossible.

But please don’t think that this site is all about me…

What this website is all about

The mission here at WorkSmaterStressLess.com is pretty simple–to help you achieve more success and greater happiness at work and in life.

This site gives you practical solutions to common challenges that you face in today’s world of work–from productivity and time management to personal leadership and self-care to team leadership and organizational dynamics.

Topics fall into 3 categories and attempt to answer key questions:

  1. Productivity: How do we unlock more and more potential and opportunity?
  2. Health and Well-being: How do we optimize our personal performance?
  3. Leadership: How do we help teams become stronger and more effective?

I want to help you to grow your career and life by working smarter. So that you can make room for yourself. And I want to help you care for yourself better so that you can do your best work.

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