The Best Time Management Advice You’re Not Taking


If you have been in your job for any length of time, it has probably grown. You might have more responsibility. Maybe you are on some project teams. And you could be tapped for a variety of meetings, tasks, or new initiatives. You have gained experience and expertise on the job. And if you’ve done well, people are expecting more of you. Which is fantastic, because that’s where your professional growth comes from. Pushing the envelope and striving to make larger contributions is what you want to be doing. However, all that activity can also put a lot of pressure … Read more

How to Give Tough Feedback

how to give tough feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. But we are often too afraid to use it. When you bring something out into direct sunlight and take a good look, you will know exactly where things stand. You can see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Which is immensely helpful because you can double-down on the good, fix the bad, and pretty up the ugly. But the thought of knowing for sure is a difficult one. We imagine that we are doing well. Why muck that up with clear cut facts that might prove things aren’t … Read more

Why Coaching Matters at Work (and 4 Coaching Questions You Should Use)

why coaching matters at work now

Guidance is more powerful than instruction if you want outsized results. Because that is the path to ownership of tasks and mission. Think about it. Traditional management and collaboration has a tendency to over focus on what is being done and overlooking things that can be crucial to success. We look at work breakdowns and procedures. Then we try to optimize the process. It all gets very clinical quickly. Which has a tendency to dehumanize things. We get all caught up in boxes and diagrams and flows, when maybe we should focus more on the intangibles and the people doing … Read more

Read More Books: How to Easily Read Dozens This Year

Read More Books: How to Easily Read Dozens This Year

If the Internet had been a thing when I was in school, I would have skirted book reading even more than I did. As it was, I figured out that if I read the first and last 20 pages of whatever book was assigned in English class, that I could fudge my way through most tests and reports. That little shortcut, plus watching the movie version of the book if it was available, got me through. Making matters worse for “Future Tom,” my bad habits were rewarded with good grades. I guess I was pretty good at getting the gist … Read more

How to Face, Recover, and Learn From a Bad Day at Work

How to Face, Recover, and Learn From a Bad Day at Work

Even though I could point to a lot of other people and circumstances that cause a bad day, I feel like it’s all my fault. I think that I should have known better. Or that I did know better but didn’t do anything (or enough) about it. Maybe you feel like that sometimes too. Or perhaps you see it a little more clearly. You might recognize that lots of things that cause a bad day at work are simply outside of your control or influence. It could be that both things are true to some extent. Many things that can … Read more