The Trick to Managing Expectations Well

Everything became much easier once I learned a simple secret to managing expectations. I was able to shed a lot of anxiety and stress. I was able to more skillfully juggle competing priorities. Which was a great relief. Because there is a lot of anxiety and stress that comes with staving off angry or disappointed people who need something from you. It seems like work is crazier these days. We seem to be in an era where “doing more with less” has settled in as the norm. But this hasn’t changed anyone’s expectations. And everyone seems to want their thing … Read more

How To Use Your Personal Brand to Grow Your Career

When people mention your name, what value proposition comes to mind? Does your name act like a “brand” for you? Think about some well-known business names: Warby Parker. McDonalds. GoPro. Soul Cycle. Target. Tesla. The value that comes to mind is clear and easy to understand. You know right away what it’s all about, and whether you’re interested or not. Imagine having that kind of clarity in people’s minds when they think about you. That’s your personal brand. And it works for employees as well as entrepreneurs. Because, maybe your name isn’t going to flash up on a billboard sign, … Read more

Simple Tricks for Better Business Writing

Simple Tricks for Better Business Writing

Once I learned these simple tricks to improve my business writing, everything improved. I got better responses. I got better results. I wasted less time. You can do the same. Like many things, the magic is in the approach. Knowing which trick you are using and why makes all the difference. You’ve got to aim for certain results if that’s what you want to get. Don’t waste so much time, like I have done over the years (countless hours!), in frustration that things aren’t going the way you like. This email thread is going on forever… I can’t believe that … Read more

3 Rules to Improve Your Business Writing Today

Probably the best business writing secret I’ve ever discovered is this: be professional. If you aim to be professional, a whole lot of other stuff falls into place. Check this out. There are just a few simple rules. Rule #1 – Professionals are direct, brief, and to the point A professional is laser focused. The reason you are writing is to communicate a point. Get to the point. Until you have that point clear in your mind, don’t write. Or, write a whole bunch of stuff until the point is clear to you. Then, keep that sentence and delete the … Read more

Sometimes All You Have To Do Is Ask

People all around us have lots of wisdom, insights, and experience. And they like to be asked about it. Think about it. When someone asks you about something you know a lot about, isn’t it sorta fun to engage in that discussion? If they ask your opinion, aren’t you a little bit flattered? If they ask for your advice, don’t you like to try and help them out? I’m guessing that your answer is yes to all of the above, most of the time. Because we like to talk about what we know. We like to share our opinions and … Read more

Why I Hired a Speaking Coach

There’s nothing like the real-time, laser-focused feedback of a coach. When the focus is squarely and solely on you and your work, there is no place to hide. It’s a vulnerable position, but it’s also probably the best and fastest way to get better at something. Hiring a coach means you are going to face yourself and your work head on. You are going to deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly of whatever feedback you get. You will also benefit immensely from the support and encouragement and experience and expertise of a coach. That’s why I hired … Read more

What are you doing on LinkedIn?


The most valuable asset you have may be your network. I am constantly amazed by the power that is just a click away. Really smart, accomplished, and helpful people are in my network. Lots of them. We help each other out all the time. Sometimes it’s a quick answer to a specific question. Sometimes we ponder more profound choices. But always we help each other in a meaningful and efficient way. You probably have a great network too. In fact, I bet you helped or got help from someone this week. If not this week, you might have been involved … Read more

How You Can Get Better at Public Speaking (7 Lessons to Build Your Confidence and Skills)


I went from being a nervous wreck of a public speaker to a confident public speaker after learning a few simple lessons. You can do the same. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to transform your public speaking skills. And your public speaking skills are easier to improve than you might think. I’m going to share all the lessons and list out all the resources you might need. Even if speaking in public feels really scary to you, these tips will help. Heck, my first lesson is about vomit. I’ve been scared of public speaking too! You might … Read more

There is No Dumbing Down, Only Smartening Up

Smarten Up

A sign of mastery is to be able to explain something complex in simple terms. Sure, there is more nuance and texture to whatever you are explaining. There are more dimensions and perspectives. There are also more bedrock fundamentals to understand. But none of that matters now. Not when you are trying to give someone the “gist” of the idea. Right now, the most important thing is to make the topic approachable. To build on ramps. To induce curiosity. Smarten Up Instead of Dumbing Down Imagine if you could make something so clear and compelling that someone else could “get” … Read more