This Simple Truth Will Change The Way You Write

Simple writing is effective. That’s the truth. Ernest Hemingway wrote “The Old Man And The Sea” at a 4th grade level. Then he won a Nobel prize with it the next year. Simple writing makes it easy for readers to follow along. Which helps them to easily take in your message. And that’s what you want. Your goal is not to impress them with your writing. You goal is for them to hear your ideas. Once they take in your ideas, you can earn their confidence. Maybe even their trust. And then you can win their support. That support will … Read more

Simple Tricks for Better Business Writing

Simple Tricks for Better Business Writing

Once I learned these simple tricks to improve my business writing, everything improved. I got better responses. I got better results. I wasted less time. You can do the same. Like many things, the magic is in the approach. Knowing which trick you are using and why makes all the difference. You’ve got to aim for certain results if that’s what you want to get. Don’t waste so much time, like I have done over the years (countless hours!), in frustration that things aren’t going the way you like. This email thread is going on forever… I can’t believe that … Read more

3 Rules to Improve Your Business Writing Today

Probably the best business writing secret I’ve ever discovered is this: be professional. If you aim to be professional, a whole lot of other stuff falls into place. Check this out. There are just a few simple rules. Rule #1 – Professionals are direct, brief, and to the point A professional is laser focused. The reason you are writing is to communicate a point. Get to the point. Until you have that point clear in your mind, don’t write. Or, write a whole bunch of stuff until the point is clear to you. Then, keep that sentence and delete the … Read more