Grow Your Skills by Giving Them Away

I’m always amazed at the different ways that skills-based volunteering can bring valuable resources to great causes. This week I learned about Angel Flights Northeast. A friend and I participated in the “Ride for Angels” last Sunday, a charity bike ride to raise funds for the organization. We were happy to do something that we enjoy (cycling) and to give money to a great cause. But what’s really cool about this charity is how it works. Pilots volunteer their time and talent to fly patients from far or rural areas to the medical resources they need. The organization coordinates this … Read more

The Best Time to Network is When You Don’t NEED To

connecting over coffee

Your network can help. But that shouldn’t be the only time they hear from you. That’s lame, and that’s not the way you’re going to get a good response or much help. The time you need a hand is not the best time to realize this. Rather, you should always be active in your network, contributing to your network, and growing your network. I try to do this as a matter of course. It’s a core competency I try to build as a professional. I encourage you to do the same. As I reflect back on the past year or … Read more