Keep Calm and Help Chart the Course Forward

keep calm and chart the course forward

You have probably been in a situation where one person raises the tension. And you have likely seen that it can easily become contagious. You have seen how the nervousness can quickly pass to another person, then another. That’s how we’re wired. We almost instantly pick up on the emotions of people around us and start to mirror it. Before we even think. As this continues, pretty soon a bunch of people get all worked up. And that’s exactly what the first person is focused on—spreading concern and anxiety. They are trying to get attention on something that is important. … Read more

How to Start Smart

start smart

Things can go off the rails quickly when communications aren’t clear. As things get underway, we can find ourselves caught off-guard. We can find ourselves surprised. We can find ourselves frustrated. That’s because some things turn out to be less clear than they seemed at the beginning. Things start to get a bit murky. Or maybe downright muddy. We find that important details were not discussed at the beginning. We figure out that some things have been misinterpreted. We realize that we didn’t point out something crucial. We discover that we didn’t ask some important questions. I’ve been down this … Read more

Delegate Responsibility Instead of Tasks

delegate responsibility

What if you suddenly had more capacity? What if it were easy for you to entrust important things to others? Would this leave room for you to grow? For you to take on new challenges? For you to contribute at a much higher level? Now, imagine that you discovered the secret to make this happen. Because you just did. I’m going to explain it to you. Look, it’s hard to let go. I get that. But it’s the only way to grow. So it makes sense for you to figure out how to delegate things to others. If you learn … Read more

Why A Little Uncertainty Can Be Good for Important Decisions

decision making

Sometimes you really should widen the frame and check the assumptions. Sometimes the things that seem certain should be examined a little more closely. Particularly for something that is important. I like to be certain, of course. It’s great when a piece of knowledge, a concrete experience, or a indisputable fact guides my way. That’s confidence building and fun. But it isn’t always the best way to get the best results. Many times, I’m better off being less certain, hesitating a bit, and questioning things at least just a little further. Creative and elegant and robust solutions are more apt … Read more

Working Under the Influence

working under the influence

We all work under the influence of the masters who have come before us, or the ones that are alive and kicking right now. We aim to emulate the best of what we see in pursuit of our own endeavors. The key thing, it seems, is to take those lessons and use them…but also to create our own thing too. We can study the way Steve Jobs gave a persuasive speech, but we shouldn’t emulate him directly. We should let his example flow through our own individuality and come out in a new way (slightly modified, or perhaps dramatically modified). … Read more

How to Improve Delegation Skills: A Simple Formula

how to improve delegation skills

Sometimes it’s frustrating to rely on others. But if you are a manager or a team leader, you need help from others. You need to coordinate and organize and oversee a lot of work. And you need to maximize results. You need to be organized and effective. One of the best things you can do as a leader it learn how to improve delegation skills. Fortunately, there is a formula for success. Be specific and give a deadline. Everyone can be successful, if you, as the leader, follow this formula. Just as you are relying on others, they are relying … Read more

Make Space for Long-Term Goals

make space for long term goals

Priorities shift but slow and steady wins the race. Navigating both truths is essential to success. Most of us work in a “dynamic” work environment with all sorts of demands coming our way from a variety of directions. The many sources create lots of requests and things change by the hour. It all makes for quite a hodgepodge that falls on our lap. Then, of course, there are all the bigger and longer-term goals we need to be working toward. It can be a lot to sort out, making it difficult to answer one the most important decisions we face … Read more

A Surprisingly Simple Recipe For Fueling Your Leadership Success


A healthy leader is a good leader. Diet and exercise and rest are important to good health. But it can be difficult to keep up with all of those all of the time. Leaders are busy people. It’s hard to imagine being on top of all of those things all of the time, plus doing well at all of our leadership duties and personal responsibilities. But it’s not that hard to imagine doing just one thing in just one area, is it? What if you just ate better? What if you ate healthier, natural, nutritious food? Would that be a … Read more

Why Your Idea Isn’t Good Enough (And How To Fix It)

Ideas are great, but really don’t stand for much on their own. They are actually quite useless if they don’t get acted upon. As the saying goes, execution eats strategy for lunch. The challenge is that the path to execution can require moving through some ambiguity. From Ambiguity to Action Often, and particularly when we’re breaking new ground, it is unclear how to make the leap from ideation to action…how to take the first steps on a new and exciting journey. Many times, this is where ideas die. Or worse, they languish indefinitely. People can feel like the problem is … Read more