How to Become Less Overcommitted at Work

how to become less overcommitted at work

You are probably wondering how to become less overcommitted at work. So why do you seem to default to agreeing to more? Many of us keep falling into that same trap. After all, it seems like most organizations these days are running thin, trying to “do more with less.” With that sort of frenzy going on constantly, it can be hard to stem the tide as the requests keep rolling in. With every yes, you risk taking on too much. Letting the quality of your work suffer. Missing deadlines. That can lead to problems. And, of course, it can hurt … Read more

Recommended Reading and Stuff – November 2017

Last month’s post of recommendations was very popular. So I thought I’d share some more ideas this month. It’s important that we keep learning. Keep taking in new information. Keep considering new ideas. It’s crucial that we keep thinking. Following are some things I found particularly thought-provoking, insightful, and fun. Books Bitcoin for the Befuddled was a great exploration of this new, potentially game-changing technology. I found this book a great way to get a handle on the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency. I loved learning about the underlying technology, blockchain, and how it works. The implications could be tremendous–and don’t … Read more

Recommended Reading and Stuff – Oct 2017

Recommended Reading and Stuff

We gotta stay smart. Fortunately, there’s a lot of great stuff out there. Now, more than ever, you can learn from a wide-variety of people about all sorts of things. And this is crucial to growth. We need new information. We need new ideas. We need new perspectives. We need to learn from others experiences. To consider their insights. And to continually upgrade the way we think about the world and all the challenges we face all the time. Today, I’m sharing some of my recent favorites. Maybe you will find some to be interesting or useful. And maybe they’ll … Read more

A Surefire Way to Clear a Career Growth Logjam

clear a career growth logjam

You might need a little boost to your career growth. Or maybe you don’t. There is a quick and easy way to tell. It goes like this. Look at Your Career Growth Your career is either moving forward or it’s moving backwards. If it feels like your career is at a standstill, you probably realize that that is just an illusion. Because while you think you are standing still, the rest of the world is moving forward. Things are changing. New trends are emerging. Technology is advancing. Business is evolving. The pace of that change around you might be slow, … Read more

The Biggest Risk That a Bad Boss Poses To Your Career (And How to Avoid It)

bad boss

If you’re not careful, a bad boss can be permanently damaging to your career. Let me explain how this works. You might get pretty frustrated if you have a bad boss. That’s understandable. After all, having a bad boss is a top reason that people leave their jobs. Your boss has a big impact on your work experience. Your boss sets priorities and expectations. Your boss is your main link to upper management, as a guide and as an advocate. Your boss manages your coworkers and sets the tone for your department or group, establishing a big part of the … Read more

How to Find and Read Great Books to Fuel Your Professional Growth (Powerful Tips!)

Reading is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to accelerate your professional development. Yet the average American spends just 19 minutes a day reading outside of work. Why is that? Most of us learn to read around the age of 6. It’s a fundamental skill we use to navigate the world every day. We read a lot in order to be successful in school. And we read a lot in order to get our work done. Maybe all that reading that we “have to do” leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Or it could be that there … Read more

A Common Career Mistake You Might Be Making

career mistakes

What if everyone were good at their jobs? You would be surrounded by competent, efficient workers. But still something would be missing. Because being good at a job isn’t what’s really important. At least not in a mechanical sense. Let me explain. Everyone’s job has mechanical tasks. Sure, you’re a knowledge worker with a college degree. But you have to do certain tasks. Filling out spreadsheets. Filing reports. Sending emails. Scheduling meetings. Purchasing supplies. Listening to customer complaints. Organizing tasks. Completing transactions. All these “things” that we need to do are the mechanics of our jobs. So it seems obvious … Read more

The Ultimate Productivity Nut to Crack? (A Re-Thinking)

The Ultimate Productivity Nut to Crack?

If there’s one super-powerful career boosting tip, this just might be it. A re-thinking of productivity. Consider. Productivity is the holy grail of life today. At least that’s the way it seems. If we can just be more productive, we seem to keep telling ourselves, then we’ll have everything we want. So we rush around like crazy, multitasking our way through the day. We start a lot of things. Finish some. Surprise ourselves by how the time flies. We create a flurry of activity. We feel the stress. We are tired at the end of the day. That all makes … Read more

Living Your Personal Legend

The Alchemist

We need to choose how to live. We can wander and drift. Or we can be more intentional. It’s good to reflect on the choices we can make about how to approach our life. One great way to explore these sorts of ideas is through reading fiction. I recently read a book originally written in Portuguese in 1988. It’s actually a pretty famous book with millions of copies in print. It’s been translated into dozens of languages. Probably because it hits many people the way it hit me. It tells a great story, in a great way. It’s well written. … Read more