Grow Your Professional Network Quickly and Easily

grow your professional network quickly

Knowing how to grow your professional network is a skill that can help your career advance faster than just about anything else. After all, your network is one of the most valuable assets you have for career success. People from your network can help you with the challenges of your current job, they can help you to find leads for a new job, and they can help you develop skills and insights to grow as a professional. Now, you can take steps to make your network even more powerful–for you, and for everyone in it. The secret is hiding in … Read more

Learn How to Do Your LinkedIn Profile Photo the Right Way

Your LinkedIn profile photo is one of the most important updates that you need to make. You might update LinkedIn when you change jobs, take a seat on a board, or volunteer with a nonprofit. Maybe you even tweak your summary now and again or collect some new references. That’s all great, but your profile photo is even more important. It’s the first thing people see, and it’s the one way to make the most human contact online. If your photo is old, low quality, or a cropped version of an image that wasn’t taken with LinkedIn in mind, you … Read more