Go From Overwhelmed to Organized in 3 Easy Steps


This simple trick to dealing with overwhelm might seem too easy when I tell it to you. But it actually works like a charm. When you’re in the middle of a storm of confusion and your day is filled with endless meetings, to-do lists, and a heavily clogged email box, there isn’t much time to think. Your survival instincts kick in and you hustle like crazy to keep up. You chase down loose ends, scramble to put out fires, and try to keep your head above water. The last thing you want to do is stop. That will just make … Read more

How to Avoid Meetings That Waste Your Time

how to avoid meetings that waste your time

A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted. — Captain James T. Kirk One of the best ways to find more time in your day is to skip meetings that aren’t effective. Can you skip them all? Probably not. But you can selectively avoid some of the worst meetings on your calendar and reclaim valuable time. I’m going to show you how. Why most meetings waste a lot of time While meetings can be productive, too often they are not. They start late, run long, and fill up the allotted time with more hot air than … Read more

Are You Burning Out? Check These 4 Areas Now!

Are You Burning Out combined

Parsing through your feelings can be confusing when you’re exhausted by your work, but it’s probably the first thing you should do if you are starting to feel burned out. Because being tired doesn’t necessarily mean that you are burned out. Working hard or working long hours isn’t the main or only factor that leads to burnout, though exhaustion is certainly one of the warning signs. A better question to ponder is why and how are you so exhausted. Are you emotionally drained? Are you growing increasingly cynical? Are you feeling a bit depressed? These are signs of burnout. Is … Read more

What You’re Missing in Your Battle with Procrastination

Procrastination Tip

Sometimes I feel like the President of Procrasti Nation. I’m not on task. And sometimes I’m pretty far afield. I’ve wandered off course and it seems like there just ain’t no way back. But I’ve got to get back on track. I’ve got to overcome whatever the mental/emotional hurdle is and do some important work. Like, for example, right now I really want to watch Nathan Fielder’s “informational video” on how the Emmy’s could be hacked. Because I’m a big fan of his show Nathan For You. He’s clever, funny, always pushes things to an interesting edge giving viewers unexpected … Read more

Get Faster Results By Slowing Down

Get Faster Results By Slowing Down

Speeding up is not always the best way to go faster. Which is a little counter-intuitive. Because when you have more work to do, then you should do more work. Right? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Today’s work is often more complex and nuanced than we like to admit. We probably think that we have a goal, a strategy, and a clear plan of execution for whatever project we’re frantically working on. But maybe we don’t have a super clear goal. We might not have the best strategy. And we probably don’t have a super detailed … Read more

Massively Improve Your Performance Through Practical Mastery

What does it take to achieve mastery? And why is that important anyway? Mastery sounds glorified and out of reach, but can actually pretty straight-forward. The way I like to think of mastery is simple: Mastery means that you understand something well enough to use it to your strategic advantage. So, I’m not really talking about Bruce Lee levels of mastery. Let’s call what I’m talking about “practical mastery.” Which is probably more useful and important to you right now. Practical mastery helps you to achieve superior results because, with it, you have things in your domain under control. Too … Read more

Success is Easier When You Use the Natural Flow of Things

Everything has a natural flow. This is true for you and me, for our teams, and for our organizations. We might call it style or culture or even dysfunction. But whatever the case, there is a way that things go more smoothly. And there is a way that they don’t. Figuring that out can help you to improve your performance. You can be more effective if you understand your own strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies. Your team will work better according to its natural rhythms. Your organization will adopt things that fit the culture more easily than it can embrace … Read more

A Simple and Highly Effective Way to Learn Just About Any New Skill

Genuinely Speaking

We have lots of ways to learn things these days, but one of the best and most effective ways might still be group learning at a live event. I learn a lot when I go to a new place to learn new stuff with new people. Mixing things up this way is fun, energizing, and educational. It can be a power boost to learning. I went to a workshop to improve my public speaking skills this past weekend. The room was packed with eager learners at 8AM on a Saturday morning. That’s energizing. The content of the day-long program was … Read more

How to Improve Your Relationships at Work


Life is easier when you get along with other people. Particularly when those people are your co-workers. Improving your relationship with a boss, staff member, client, vendor, or any other person that you work is usually a wise investment. The simplest way I know to improve those relationships is to be helpful. When you’re helpful, people appreciate it. When you’re helpful, you feel like you’re making a contribution. When you’re helpful, it creates a bond. It strengthens a bond. Because helping each other works in good times and in bad times. Obvious Opportunities When someone is struggling, that’s a good … Read more