What are you doing on LinkedIn?


The most valuable asset you have may be your network. I am constantly amazed by the power that is just a click away. Really smart, accomplished, and helpful people are in my network. Lots of them. We help each other out all the time. Sometimes it’s a quick answer to a specific question. Sometimes we ponder more profound choices. But always we help each other in a meaningful and efficient way. You probably have a great network too. In fact, I bet you helped or got help from someone this week. If not this week, you might have been involved … Read more

Take Command of Your Personal Brand

your personal brand should make you stand out

What do people find when they Google you? Or when they look you up on LinkedIn? What sort of impression do you leave with people that you meet at a networking event? What do people think when they work with you in a business meeting? These are a few points where you make an impression on others. Sometimes they are actively trying to learn more about you. Sometimes they are more passively forming an opinion. Across any of these interactions, people will get a sense of who you are and what you might have to offer. They will also learn … Read more

The comfort zone and baby steps

In my keynote presentation at the CIO Perspectives event earlier this week, I tried to provide insight into what slows down CIOs and IT folks in general from being more active on social media, with the hope that motivation could be found through this insight and more people from IT would get “out there” and involved in these new platforms. Two years ago, I wrote a post on why CIOs should get hands on with social media. The reasons remain relevant to this day, but my argument was weak because it’s simply a logical argument that doesn’t recognize what’s really … Read more