Growing Faster Than Your Job

You are smart, ambitious, and growth-oriented. That’s why you are reading things like this blog. Chances are, your job doesn’t support that ambition as well as it could. Your organization may not make it easy to grow your responsibilities. New challenges may be hard to come by. Unless you look at things a bit differently. You see, you are not your job. And your job is not you. You have a career. And that career likely spans more than one job. Maybe you’ve held a few jobs. Perhaps many. You almost definitely have changed roles, even if you’ve stayed at … Read more

Get Out of Your Own Head

You can be your own worst enemy, sometimes. Right? It’s can be so easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you maintain a tight perspective on your own little world. I know that happens to me. Which is why it can be amazing to get out of your own head. To step back and take a fresh perspective. Ideally, with the help of others. It can get  little dicey if you just continue to reinforce your own beliefs, to validate the hard and fast rules that you live by, and to tighten your focus over time. That’s a … Read more

Consider: Hairless Rats and Yogurt Covered Raisins

Imagine having rats as pets. Would that be weird? Or cool? Or both? Maybe you’re a little freaked out by the idea. Many people are. As I tell people about my daughter’s plans to get pet rats, they seem to cringe a little. Inevitably, we hear cases being made for other types of pets – dogs and cats and more “traditional” kinds of pets. Interestingly, we hear more statements than questions… Why is that? Confirmation Bias It’s confirmation bias, and it’s a good thing to know about. Because we all do it. All the time. If you already believe that … Read more

How Good is Your Production Quality?

how good is your production quality?

Do you produce good work? I’m pretty sure you feel like you do good work. And I bet you do good work. You can probably make it better, though—much better—by striving for higher production quality. Think about the last presentation you attended. Maybe the message was great. But didn’t the big typos and confusing layout take something away from the message? What about the last proposal that you received? When you found mistakes that the vendor should have caught before presenting it to you, didn’t you lose a little confidence in them? What about the podcast you were really excited … Read more

Why Selfish is a Good Thing

sometimes it's good to be selfish

A Guest Post by Chris Brogan I’m seven years old and I just got a Batman action figure at the store. My neighbor Robbie wants to play with it, but I just got it and I want to play with it. His mom tells me to share and that I’m being selfish. I grudgingly let Robbie play with it and he loses one of the little batarangs right away. We’re taught that “selfish” is a bad thing. The term is used almost entirely when someone wants a situation to go their way instead of yours. There are times when being … Read more

Margin of Better

margin of better

What if you make a mistake? Usually, it’s ok. In fact, you probably plan for that. We call that a margin of error. A margin of error allows for a miscalculation. It allows for something unexpected to arise and for things to still end up ok. That can really work to your advantage. So, what if you flipped that around to work the other way too? Could you have a margin of better? Could you find a way to allow you to push a littler further on the upside? To take a little more risk. Not crazy, bet-the-farm risk, but … Read more

Even (and Especially) When You Disagree

On this blog, we talk about personal leadership. We talk about taking control of our selves in a productive way. So that we can achieve more. And help those around us do the same. Because when we become sturdy and robust in our approach, it helps. The other day, I posted about how to keep calm and help chart a course forward when someone (or many) start show signs of getting panicky. How we react matters. To us, to those around us, to the success of whatever it is we are working on. Steering things toward a productive use of … Read more

2 Ways You Can Have Better Work Days

2 Ways You Can Have Better Work Dys

Imagine being excited to go to work every day. You wake up full of energy. You go to the office. You do your best. And then you go home satisfied. Wouldn’t that be a fun day? Isn’t that how you want your work experience to go? Sure, there are many factors that contribute to such an experience. The organization that you work for. The type of work that you do. How good you are at your job. How much meaning you find in your work. That’s big stuff. And it’s not always easy to adjust those variables. But that’s no … Read more

Stress Relief

stress relief

Now is the time of year when it’s easier to imagine relaxing. Spring is in the air. Beaches beckon. Daylight abounds. Things get busy too, though. Weekends fill with activities. Schedules get filled. Even relaxing times of the year can become stressful. We put more on our to-do lists. We start to cram things in. We wish we could do more – yard work, activities, visits with friends, pet projects, etc. You might find that this extra busy-ness detracts from your fun. Maybe you find that it adds stress precisely when you thought you would get some relief… You may … Read more