The Game-Changing (and Simple) Secret to Your Best Year Ever

New Year Strategy

Now is a great time to open up a whole new world of possibilities for yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more possibilities? Well, you can. Because science has actually proven that you can create your own luck. I’ve experienced it first-hand. It works. Opportunities appear for those who are ready for them. Those who can see them. Those who can seize them. The secret to finding new opportunities is believing that you will. The best way to do that is to develop a habit of trying new things. The more you see, the more you will believe that … Read more

Competence Is Not Enough

Having the skills to deliver on time and on budget is not enough. Meeting spec is not enough. Doing it right is not enough. These are the minimum requirements. And minimum is not enough. We spend a lot of time and energy worrying about what might go wrong, about how to stay on track, about how to meet expectations. We tend to not spend enough time contemplating the up-side. How can we be early, exceed expectations, deliver delight? The minimums aren’t easy. Nor are they unimportant. But we need to aim higher. We need to figure out how to get … Read more

A Better Response

We can see more, if we’re patient. Resisting the urge to react and respond immediately to everything often leads to better results. A little patience can draw in more information. A little patience can allow for greater reflection. A little patience can help to formulate a better plan. The term “knee-jerk reaction” has a negative connotation. Yet, we’re often aspiring to just that at nearly every turn. To react without much thought. To engage without much reflection. To dismiss an item as quickly as it appeared. That can be fun, but it’s rarely productive. And sometimes it’s harmful. Inserting a … Read more

Make your job bigger

The key to getting ahead is doing more. More than is expected. More than you think you can do. More than you think you should do. Pushing at boundaries to make your job bigger, and yourself bigger as you grow into the expanding role. Waiting to be asked or simply working only to the letter of your job description is wasting your time. You can make bigger contributions, starting today. And you should. For selfish reasons, if none other. Help yourself You deserve to be recognized for the good work that you do, and for the great work that you’re … Read more