Overcoming the Self Discipline Struggle to Reach More Goals

overcome the self discipline struggle to reach more goals

If there ever was a real super power, it’s got to be self discipline. Imagine if you could will yourself to follow a nutrition plan flawlessly. And to complete a daily workout routine without fail. Maybe you would apply self discipline to your finances and investing wisely over the long term to build enormous wealth. You might even decide to earn more college degrees or learn a new trade or skill. With self discipline you can do anything. It’s one of the biggest super powers actually within human reach. I buy into all of that. I find the vision of … Read more

A Great DIY Hack to Engagement at Work

A Great DIY Hack to Engagement at Work

Imagine spending your day energized, excited, and optimistic about what you were doing. Wouldn’t that be a nice way to go through the workday? It might be so nice for you, in fact, that other people in your life would probably notice a little extra spring in your step, expressions of enjoyment on your face, and a pleasant tone in your voice. You might be thinking that this sounds good–and also unlikely. After all, you will need to somehow find an organization with a compelling mission, fantastic people, and a great culture. You will need to find a great boss … Read more