Ctrl Alt Delete, by Mitch Joel

ctrlaltdelReboot your business. Reboot Your life. Your future depends on it.

So argues Mitch Joel in his new book, Ctrl Alt Delete, a follow up to his earlier work on the world of new media, Six Pixels of Separation. Where Six Pixels of Separation showed you the new world order emerging, Ctrl Alt Delete is a wakeup call to help you recognize that it has arrived. Joel says we’re in a sort of business purgatory now, so it’s crucial that you do the things that will get you to the promised land.

And that doesn’t mean tacking on some social media bells and whistles here and there. It means embracing new strategies for success. Your business must establish a direct relationship with its customers. Your digital products aren’t to be cute shiny objects, but must offer real utility. You must understand the difference between passive and active media, and know how to leverage each. You must recognize the wealth of data you now have access to and learn how to analyze customer behavior more fully. Finally, Joel argues that it’s a one screen world going forward – the only screen that matters is the one your customer is looking at right now.

In a conversational tone, Joel walks you through this new world as he sees it and provides specific guidance on how you should move forward. The advice is summarized as lessons at the end of each chapter.

Lessons for you

Once he’s done talking business, Joel spends the second half of the book speaking to you more directly. How should you personally navigate this new environment?

Joel explains how to become a digital native, how to view your career path differently, and how to embrace the new work environment. He goes on to talk about marketing yourself, embracing a start-up mode attitude, and other ideas for personal success going forward.

A lot

There’s a lot packed into this book. It’s really like sitting down and having a conversation with Joel, one where he attempts to tell you everything he knows about what’s happening right now in the world of marketing and business and gives you his best advice for how to be successful. That can make the work a bit overwhelming at times, but the book is structured well and ideas can easily be referenced later on, along with the specific advice that’s called out at the end of each chapter.

I enjoyed the book, and I very much enjoy Mitch’s weekly podcast. If you’d like to learn more about how a really smart and successful guy┬ásees the business and marketing world right now, pick up a copy of the book. It might just be the wakeup call you need.