Get Out of Your Own Head

You can be your own worst enemy, sometimes.


It’s can be so easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you maintain a tight perspective on your own little world.

I know that happens to me.

Which is why it can be amazing to get out of your own head. To step back and take a fresh perspective. Ideally, with the help of others.

It can get  little dicey if you just continue to reinforce your own beliefs, to validate the hard and fast rules that you live by, and to tighten your focus over time.

That’s a spiral in the wrong direction.


Because the best way to hold onto something is usually not to have the tightest grip on it.

Rather, many times its best to remain as open minded as possible.

Be an expert. Celebrate your experience. Develop your mastery.

But see the big picture. Be open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things.

That’s one of the reasons why your time with family, friends, and colleagues from other fields is so valuable.

They help you to gain (and keep) perspective.

My friend Martha Heller has a new book out hat is a helpful reminder of just this sort of idea (affiliate link):

Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT

Martha is an executive recruiter. She helps companies hire Chief Information Officers.

A lot of what she brings to the table is perspective. She sees the larger picture. One that is difficult for CEOs and CIOs to see for themselves.

Her new book is one way to share that perspective.  If you are in the IT field you should check it out. You can gain a lot of relevant perspective from it.

Maybe you know about another resource like this. A book or magazine or website or blog that can give you a better view of your field.

Maybe it will help sharpen your focus. Better still, maybe it will throw some things out of focus and challenge your thinking.

Go to these resources and get out of your own head for a bit.

It’s like a vacation. And like a good vacation, it will be nice to return home refreshed and recharged.

And maybe a bit different. A bit better for the experience.