Leadership Communication Skills

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is an essential leadership trait in today’s complex and fast-moving business environment.

Master this skill and you will maximize your performance and the results you achieve.

It’s a challenging, but worthwhile endeavor. The more specialized and unique your expertise and responsibilities, the more important it becomes to meet this challenge. Which is why I wrote this book just for leaders and aspiring leaders in the Information Technology field.

Information technology professionals with good technical skills are likely to achieve some level of success. But information technology professionals with good technical skills and good leadership communication skills will reach higher levels of success.

Leadership Communication Skills in the Workplace

What you are able to achieve at work depends, more than ever before, on your ability to persuade and influence others.

In my new book, Leading the Conversation, I’ll show you how to:

  • command attention,
  • wield influence, and
  • gain respect as a leader.

I’ve designed the book to be as concise and actionable as possible, and I’m thrilled to see that readers agree. Here’s a quote from one of the book’s Amazon reviews from the CIO of a major national brand:

“I was able to read this book very quickly and apply the lessons immediately!” — David T. Jackson

Developing stronger and more effective leadership communication skills will bring you greater success.

Leading the Conversation

How to Communicate Like a Leader

You will learn a crucial foundational perspective that will set the tone for all of your future business conversations.

Here’s what a world-renowned executive coach has to say about this approach:

“If you ONLY read the first chapter…you’ll earn your money back in what it costs you in cash and time to learn from this book.”

— Jason Womack

Leading the Conversation

Effective Communication Strategies

You will learn 3 specific, proven, and time-tested strategies that overcome the largest hurdles for IT professionals in today’s business world.

You will learn how to:

  • speak in the language of your audience,
  • properly focus your core message, and
  • capture attention through stories.

You will be able to immediately put the lessons to use for your next presentation, project or staff meeting, or leadership conversation.

“This is a terrific book with many practical tips on how to have a technical conversation with your business colleagues.”

Leading the Conversation

Practical Tips to Get Results Now

To ensure this book is as useful and actionable as possible, I’ve also included a special 12-point checklist that you can use again and again.

This checklist will make the key lessons of the book easy to review anytime you are preparing for a presentation or discussion. It quickly helps you to answer the question, “Am I displaying the sort of leadership communication skills that I’d like to in this presentation?”

I’d like you to read the book. More importantly, I want you to get results.

Leading the Conversation

Build Skills and Succeed at Work

Develop your communication skills in the workplace to advance your career, your team, and your projects. Join the other readers who have already learned valuable lessons in leadership communication skills from this book.

“This is a very enjoyable read, and more importantly, clearly explains how to be more a effective and influential communicator.”

“Succinct, clearly written, and useful.”

“A must-read for IT professionals who are interested in leadership and communication.”