Living Your Personal Legend

The AlchemistWe need to choose how to live.

We can wander and drift. Or we can be more intentional.

It’s good to reflect on the choices we can make about how to approach our life.

One great way to explore these sorts of ideas is through reading fiction.

I recently read a book originally written in Portuguese in 1988. It’s actually a pretty famous book with millions of copies in print. It’s been translated into dozens of languages.

Probably because it hits many people the way it hit me. It tells a great story, in a great way.

It’s well written. It’s engaging. And it’s thought-provoking in a personal way.

I’m not going to try to summarize the book here. That would ruin the story. I’ll just let you know that I think it’s an inspirational tale about living your personal legend.

If you’re in the mood for a little reflection or life planning, check this book out. It should get the wheels turning while entertaining you along the way.

The Alchemist (affiliate link)