Margin of Better

margin of betterWhat if you make a mistake?

Usually, it’s ok. In fact, you probably plan for that.

We call that a margin of error.

A margin of error allows for a miscalculation. It allows for something unexpected to arise and for things to still end up ok.

That can really work to your advantage.

So, what if you flipped that around to work the other way too?

Could you have a margin of better?

Could you find a way to allow you to push a littler further on the upside?

To take a little more risk. Not crazy, bet-the-farm risk, but enough chance-taking to maybe make the work better.

Maybe there is a way to remain open to the unexpected in a way that allows you to make your work better.

Or maybe you could intentionally try some things. Maybe something new. Or different.

Something within reasonable parameters.

As you look for things that have fallen through the cracks. As you consider things you might have missed. As you double-check for mistakes….

Look for ways to work the upside too. Look for possibilities.

What could you add? What could you change? What might you do a little differently?

How can you make whatever your doing a little (or a lot) more valuable for whoever is on the receiving end? How could you amaze them…at least a little bit.

Sometimes we focus a little too much on protecting ourselves (and others) from the downside. And we don’t spend enough energy working on the upside.

We don’t need to change the world with every little project we work on.

Well, maybe we should. At least a little bit. Maybe we should make a habit of pushing a little further so that things get better. It might be the same or similar things over time. Or maybe we just build a habit of incrementally pushing a little further with everything we do.

It’s always a good idea to allow for a margin of error.

It might be time to start pushing a little further into the margin of better.