A Quick Rundown of My Posts from 2016

The year goes by quickly. I’m sure you are seeing that now as you reflect on 2016 and prepare for 2017.

I took a little walk down the memory lane of this blog.

It was fun to look at all the posts, and I thought I’d share them here in a simple list because some of these may be helpful as you head into the new year.

See below for titles, links, and comments on each one.

Have a great new year!

The Game-Changing (and Simple) Secret to Your Best Year Ever – How you can open up more possibilities for yourself!

When Work Sucks, Get a Second Job – What you do with your “down time” matters a lot.

An Easy, No-Pressure and Super Powerful Way to Grow Your Professional Network – The tremendous power of the informational interview.

Why Your Idea Isn’t Good Enough (And How To Fix It) – You can do better. You can make things happen.

A Surprisingly Simple Recipe For Fueling Your Leadership Success – Got to be healthy if you want to be wealthy and wise (contains my secret shake formula!).

Book a Meeting with Yourself to Get Important Work Done – Everyone needs some alone time, especially leaders.

Make Space for Long-Term Goals – What should you work on next?

How to Improve Delegation Skills: A Simple Formula – Be specific and give a deadline!

The #1 Best Productivity App on Every Smartphone – Your phone definitely has this (works on Android, iPhone, and all others).

How To Relieve Stress AND Improve the Quality of Your Work – A powerful secret that I learned the hard way.

How to Be Productive: Lessons from Late-Night TV – When you take action, a little internal magic always happens.

How To Start Your Next Presentation – How (and why) to start strong.

Working Under the Influence – Inspired by the awesome Keith Richards documentary that came out this year.

Take Command of Your Personal Brand – You can’t not do this anymore.

Why A Little Uncertainty Can Be Good for Important Decisions – What is the real problem you are trying to solve?

What’s Your Story? – You gotta learn to tell your own story.

Delegate Responsibility Instead of Tasks – The best way to delegate!

How To Be Heard Clearly – Let them know the point, right up front.

Why You Should Take Notes From Yourself – You take notes from everybody else, don’t you?

A Simple Trick to Finding Creative Solutions – Find the non-obvious answers.

Why You Should Write Out Your Thoughts (Particularly for Difficult Problems) – More power of the written word…

To Be Descriptive (and Persuasive), Show Rather Than Tell – An old writing adage can serve you well.

Stress Relief – A way to be a little more relaxed and in control.

Be Intentional and Make Progress – Be less reactive and take more control with the right mindset.

How to Start Smart – Make sure everyone is on the same page.

2 Ways You Can Have Better Work Days – Focus on the positive and avoid the negative ninnies.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Memorable – Simple is clear, clear is easy to remember.

Are You Paying Attention to Body Language? – So much is said without words…

How To Get More Energy: The Mental Energy Secrets of High Achievers – I LOVE the image I found for this post!

Listening is More Important Than Talking – So true, so easy to forget.

Write It Twice to Make It Nice – There is no writing…only re-writing.

Even (and Especially) When You Disagree – When it might be time to leave your job…

The Best Time to Network is When You Don’t NEED To – Give to your network. Today.

What’s On Your Summer Reading List? – Three good books!

Reading the Room – Build your amazing powers of observation.

Quick, Easy, and Aweseomely Helpful Thought Experiments for the Summer – The many benefits of reading fiction.

I Don’t Give A Grasp! – Is this what you are saying to people?

Margin of Better – What happens when you push a little further?

Lessons from the Logpile – How to make a big project smaller and see it through.

Making the Most of Limited Resources – Are you gonna whine or are you gonna get ‘er done?

Why Selfish is a Good Thing – The only guest post this year, and it’s a good one – by the indomitable Chris Brogan.

Blazing Saddles and Leaders You Want to Follow – Leadership lessons from cycling.

How Good is Your Production Quality? – Technical acumen matters these days.

2 Times When it’s Stupid to be Dumb – Insist on understanding, and don’t be a dumb ass.

Consider: Hairless Rats and Yogurt Covered Raisins – Things are not always what you think they will be.

Grow Your Skills by Giving Them Away – Do this PLEASE!

You Need a Productivity Cheat Day – Yep, you heard me right. This is important for the long term.

Get Out of Your Own Head – Because you can be your own worst enemy sometimes.

Productive Procrastination – A helpful little trick.

Why Prioritization is a Waste of Time – It might be time to clear the decks a bit. Inspired by a good book.

Tim Ferriss Gin and Juice Infused Communications Insights – Developing your communication skills is a game changer!

There is No Dumbing Down, Only Smartening Up – A crucial mindset shift.

Success Built from an Attitude of Gratitude and Acknowledgement – Being grateful helps in many ways.

All Politics is Local. All Leadership is Personal. – A little reflection at election time.

How to Get Unstuck and Build Momentum – Book Review: Get Momentum by Jason and Jodi Womack.

Making a Plan for Success in Your Life – Book Review: Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy.

Living Your Personal Legend – Book Review: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Growing Faster Than Your Job – Nothing should stop you from doing this.

Quitting Your Way Ahead – Why don’t you quit your job?

Leadership is a State of Mind – Find ways to help. Always.

You May Be Taking Your Job Too Seriously (And Your Work Not Seriously Enough) – Are you making this mistake?

How to Make a Great Plan for the New Year in 3 Easy Steps – A great way to ramp up for the new year!

Giving the Gift of Leadership – The gift that keeps on giving.

That’s it! Thanks for reading all the way down here to the end.

I hope you find some of the posts helpful. Have a great new year!