Take 20 minutes to learn the best presentation tips

What are the attributes of a good presentation and how can you adapt them to the next one you develop?

Below are three links – two videos and an article – that clearly and concisely lay out some of the best presentation┬átips and simple truths about great presentations.

The first video teaches us that:

  • You’ve got to tell a story
  • Go low tech in the preparation phase (don’t start off in PowerPoint!)
  • For design, less is more
  • Rehearsal is perhaps the single most important aspect of preparation (that’s often overlooked)

The second video (that deconstructs the Steve Jobs presentation formula) teaches us that:

  • Setting the theme right up front is key
  • Providing an outline sets the pace
  • Managing topic transitions helps the audience follow along
  • Always, always, always put numbers in context
  • Again, be visually compelling by keeping design simple
  • Show passion and don’t be afraid to use a little showmanship
  • Rehearsal is crucial

Finally, in the article below, Nick Morgan lays out the basic story constructs and how they can be employed in your presentation.

All in all it should take about 20 minutes to watch and read this information, which could transform your next presentation from bad to good (or good to great). Enjoy.

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation

Present Like Steve Jobs

How do you take an ordinary presentation and turn it into a powerful story? [article]